First Impression : Helldivers

Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?”  This line harks back to Starship Troopers, just as does this game.  Helldivers was released free of charge to PS Plus members as a free game of the month and boy am I pleased.  This game takes the satire styling of Starship Troopers and puts it in game form and lets you play out your space marine fantasies in the most absurd way possible.

So how does this play?  Well, it’s a top down shooter in the styling of Killzone Liberation, think Diablo with guns.  You play as a Helldiver, a semi disposable super trooper, hellbent on fighting off alien scum for the glory of the ‘Super Earth’.  There are multiple mission in the campaign that range from capture an area and evac, to blowing up a colony of giant space bugs.  At your disposal for completing these task are machine guns, shotguns, lasers, mechs, and tactical nukes among other things.  These missions range from piss easy to put out that fire with gasoline hard, with enemy’s ranging from cyborgs to space bugs.  Lucky this is a multiplayer game so it makes the pain a lot more bearable until your friend shoots you in the ass with a rocket launcher.  Yes, this game has full friendly fire and it does make it all the sweeter when you complete a mission without choking out your friend because he called down his mech on you.

I’ve spent a good portion of this week playing this with Co-Workers, friends and family, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Go log on to your PS4, download this game for free, and be happy, or go buy it on steam and rejoice.

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