A Visit to the Pima Air & Space Museum [Gallery]

The PIma Air & Space Museum is literally acres of aircraft.  Commercial, military, new, old, antique, they’ve all found a home in the hot Arizona desert.

Off of the I-10E on E. Valencia Rd (6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85706 to be exact) sits a special place for retired aircraft (And for an extra $7 you can see even more being stored at the nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base), and it is glorious and thought provoking!  A great place to get up close and personal with history.  Peak inside a B-17 Flying Fortress, gaze at the cockpit of Apollo 13 used in the Ron Howard movie, consider what each airman’s patch means in the collection of hundreds and be amazed at the Wright Brothers fearlessness as you are faced with the fragile looking Wright Flyer of 1903. To think of every place these planes have been and been silent witness to will make for a long day of contemplation and even wonder.

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Pima Air & Space Museum

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