Interview with Nathan Blackwell of Voyage Trekkers

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Interview with Vic Mignogna of Star Trek Continues

Producer and Actor Vic Mignogna took a moment out of his busy schedule to speak to Video Jouzu the day before Phoenix Comicon 2015 began about Star Trek Continues’ 4th Episode “The White Iris” Vic Mignogna: To be honest with you its a dramatic and emotional, personal episode and so I was a bit worried by how it was going to be received.   Especially since the last one, the…

Spencer Brinkerhoff Phoenix Comicon 2015 Interview Part 2

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Interview with Vented Hat Artist Susan Holt at Phoenix Comicon 2015

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Interview – Spencer Brinkerhoff at Phoenix Comicon 2015 Part 1

The first half of our interview with the talented Spencer Brinkerhoff at Phoenix Comicon 2015!  Look for the second half soon! You can find more information about Spencer and his art at his official pages:

An Interview with on their DeLorean at Phoenix Comic Con 2015

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Thursday at Phoenix Comic Con 2015


Interview with Scott "Doc" Vaughn at Phoenix Comicon 2015


Phoenix Comic Con Day 1 – Video

A visit to the convention center as the vendors load in and before the crowds arrive. [youtube]

Clockwork Couture Announces New Venture

Many of us were stunned by the announcement that Clockwork Couture would be closing.  Perhaps most surprised of us all was owner Donna Ricci.  ” A  business that was very healthy was now in a lot of trouble.”  She told me in a recent interview.   Sales have apparently been following the falling trend of the popularity of Steampunk.  “Sales have just been waning.  That put us in a very bad…