The Narnia Series Continues With The Silver Chair

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a Narnia movie!  Six years to be exact since we saw The Dawn Treader sail.  Being that none of the original cast of characters save Eustace Scrubb are in The Silver Chair it shouldn’t be that hard to continue it along, although it has only been a year since the Dawn Treader in book time, so it would seem safe to say…

Wonder Woman Forever Stamps Coming To A Post Office Near You!

It’s quite a year for Forever Stamps and the Post Office.  The Pluto—Explored! and Views of Our Planets Forever stamps  were revealed in May of this year.  The new Star Trek 50th Anniversary stamps are on presale now and will have their first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony at Star Trek: Mission New York! on September 2nd, 2016 and now Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary is being celebrated with her own line of stamps!…

What's It Like to Visit Comic Con International For the First Time?

The madness and the glory of San Diego Comic Con as experienced through a first time attendee!

The Power of Olympus on Your Gaming Table

Make Me a God by Durrilion We have all been there, walking through the vendors hall when suddenly something unexpected catches our eyes.  For me, at Gameon Expo it was a huge banner saying in large print “Make Me A God”. I had to know more, but did not have time at that moment.  So the next day I made a point of finding that booth again.  It took some…

It's Kiba Master Chief!!!

Kiba’s Master Chief Cosplay by Durrilion The completely adorable, and hardworking Kiba the Cosplay Corgi was out in his brand new cosplay at Game On Expo.  His mom (Nicole) made him a Master Chief’s armor set in 24 hours, from start to finish (not counting breaks).  Nicole began working on the outfit the Thursday before the convention.  By Saturday afternoon she was done! She did the blackwashing at the table,…

Reviewing the Dark Crystal Author Quest

In 2013 The Henson Company held a contest to find the author for their new books.  From that came the five finalists that make up the stories of The Dark Crystal Author Quest. Find information about the book at the following sites:

Reviewing Netflix's Hit Series Stranger Things

Our cinematographer Doug moves from behind the camera to in front of it as he introduces his new series The Omnibus with a review of Netflix’s unexpected hit Stranger Things.

The Decadent Ball Returns as Labyrinth of Jareth Celebrates 19 Years

One of the most memorable moments of Labyrinth, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has to be the moment Sarah eats the poisoned peach that Jareth has given Hoggle and it transports her into the hallucinogenic fantasy that truly was any 16 year old’s dream.  Glitter, crystals, ribbons and men and women in fancy dress dance and whirl around the room in a dizzying spectacle. With so much to…

Reviewing MAC's Kling-it-on Star Trek Lipstick

Our first product review and unboxing!  MAC’s San Diego Comic Con lipstick Kling-it-on is glittery and purple and we love it! Can’t wait for the release of the full line in September!

War of the Monster Movies Heats Up With Chinese Addition "The Great Wall" Starring Matt Damon

Besides Superheroes the next few years will see its share of giant monster movies.  First is the new Japanese Godzilla, which right now only has a Japanese release schedule (which won’t stop us from seeing it I’m sure!), we’ll have Pete’s Dragon – while not technically a giant monster he is a giant dragon of the distinctly less imaginary kind than the original – there will be Kong: Skull Island,…