Phoenix Comicon Author Spotlight: Tonya Adolfson

Tonya Adolfson: Author Spotlight by Durrilion One of the biggest draws for a convention are the guests.  Actors, artists, writers, and cosplayers bring their fan base where ever they go.  I had the great fortune to not only attend several panels conducted by the incredibly talented Tonya, (also known as Tanglwyst de Holloway) but also to speak with her about her book series ‘Souls of the Saintlands’. She describes it…

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Highlights

PHXCC 2016!!! by Durrilion In the last two years I have attended Cons large and small.  PHXCC2016 has to be the craziest (in a completely good way)! The panel schedule was packed with so much awesome I desperately needed three clones of myself to do to all the things.  By the way that doesn’t even include all the celebrity spotlights! I did my best, but wow! The variety of exhibitors…

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Interview With Fez O Rama

Look no further if you’re looking for a Fez!

Justin Hackert of Hackert Helmets & Props at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Find more at the official Facebook Page:      

Steam Crow Talks Keen Halloween at Phoenix Comicon 2016

  Keen Halloween is coming September 24-25th to Phoenix Arizona

An Interview With the Cast And Crew of Suspension Movie at Phoenix Comicon 2015

For more information about “Suspension” visit them at their Official Sites:

An LGBT Geek At Phoenix Comicon

So in my previous post, as we remember, I was going to my first Geek LGBT panels at Phoenix Comicon 2015 armed with pen and paper, (yes I really am that ‘old’).  I was going to take notes like it was finals week and I hadn’t studied all semester.  This article about the LGBT Geek community was going to rock! First up was Dr. Who for LGBT Whovians! Sadly the…

An Interview with Author David Lee Summers at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] You can find out more about David at his Official Site:

When Gay Meets Geek

Growing up when I did there were no openly gay characters in comic books, science fiction, or fantasy.  In every story the boy got the girl; unless it was one of those rare storylines where the protagonist was female.  In those cases she got the boy. As I got older and realized I was gay, I searched desperately for someone like me in the fantasy worlds I loved.  Eventually I…

Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver at Phoenix Comicon 2015

You can find Ethan on Twitter: Tweets by EthanVanSciver