A Q & A with Mari Nakamura of Lolita fashion house Juliette et Justine

When Mari Nakamura, the head designer at classic lolita fashion house Juliette et Justine, sat down for her panel at PMX in Pasadena, CA in November, it was more like sitting down with a circle of friends, rather than a prestigious business woman meeting her fans.  She made you feel like she cared about each and every person in the room.  Although she seemed to understand some English and many…

Cos-losseum Announces Updates and a Change of Venue

As we leave the 2016 convention season and enter into 2017 there are already the rumbles of change.  First the cancellation of Amazing AZ and Houston Comic Cons, and now the latest announcement from Cos-losseum where they area cancelling their San Diego event but announcing an Atlanta event. From their official Facebook Page: Hello all of you out there in Cosplay Land. We wanted to inform you that we have…

The Unsung Hero of Rogue One

If you’re reading a review of Rogue One I can guarantee people are talking about Jyn and Captain Andor.  They’re discussing Alan Tudyk as K-2SO and Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso.  They may even mention their like or dislike of the CG characters. But I can almost guarantee that they aren’t talking about the real hero of Rogue One.  Imperial pilot turned Rebel Bodhi Rook. Bodhi made the biggest leap…

Blade Runner 2049 Teaser Trailer

Bring on the Replicants!

Los Angeles Comic Con 2016 [A Gallery]

Photos by Shannon Shea and Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’17’]

Transformers Takes a Dark Turn in the Latest Trailer

What is going on with Optimus Prime??  

Amazing Arizona and Houston Comic Cons Cancelled

If you have been watching the convention scene then you know that literally hundreds of new conventions have appeared in the last few years. From small comic book centered shows to massive pop culture events. It seems almost every day of the week somewhere in the world an event is taking place. This has also led the collapse of several events, the most recent two being Amazing Arizona Comic Con…

Mission Impossible Meets Ancient Egypt in The Mummy Trailer

While you don’t expect fighting a Mummy to be all cerebral you might expect it to have a few less high flying stunts than appear in this first trailer.

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Trailer is Beautiful and Magical

With both the childhood memories of the animated version and the recent release of the opulent 2014 French La Belle et La Bete in America Disney had a lot of expectations to meet.  It doesn’t look like they will disappoint either!

Kong Skull Island Trailer

The big ape is back!  Let’s hope he fairs better this time then in the last remake…