Carrie Fisher Receives Her Star on the Walk of Fame At Last

May the Fourth has become a universally accepted, albeit unofficial, day of Celebration amongst Star Wars fans.

It perhaps then is only fitting that it would be on this day that Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia herself, would finally be honored with a Star on the Walk of Fame.

Today, Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd accepted the star on her behalf.

She said that when Fisher first tried to introduce her to the space saga when she was a child, her reactions were “it’s too loud, mama” and “is that lady in the TV you?” It was only when she reached middle school and awed classmates began asking about her mom that she absorbed the films.

“That day I realized, staring at the screen, that no one will be as hot or cool as Princess Leia,” Lourd said.

Lifelong friend Mark Hamill was also in attendance at the ceremony watched over by R2D2, C3P0, and a guard of Stormtroopers.

Mark Hamill posted to his Social media on Twitter and Instagram:

“May the Fourth be Carrie Frances Fisher Day as she receives her Richly-Deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

At Thursday’s ceremony, Hamill described meeting Fisher ahead of filming Star Wars.

“Every expectation I had was just obliterated,” he said. “She was so charming, so funny, so adorable, so wise beyond her years, I just couldn’t believe it. And brutally frank!”

The new star is only a few feet away from her “twin brother’s”. Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker,  received his star in 2018.

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