New Godzilla is Creepy & Scary

The look of the latest Godzilla seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from the Giants of Attack on Titan.  Which is no surprise as it is being co-directed by the director of the live action Attack on Titan, Shinji Higuchi.

“I’m confident I am among the top-50 lovers of Godzilla in the world. That’s how much I love Godzilla,” he explained. “Maybe I’m not in the top 10, but definitely in the top 50.”

There hasn’t been a Japanese Godzilla made in 12 years.   So he and co-director Hideaki Anno have a tall order ahead of them.

“Godzilla had to deliver more and more, responding to calls from the audience, as well as creators,” said Higuchi.  “Godzilla went through these stages, resetting itself, developing and then succumbing to exhaustion, until it just got so big it had to stop.”

Higuchi is promising a new and terrifying Godzilla, although there are hints he might be regenerating and won’t have this look the entire time.

My biggest hope is that they don’t intend to use the shaky cam ‘found footage’ look that they use in the trailer for the entire film.


Shin Godzilla or Godzilla Resurgence is due in movie theaters July 29, 2016.

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