David Bowie is Adapting "The Man Who Fell to Earth" for Stage

In 1976 an odd little film about an alien who comes to Earth to try and find water for his planet which is suffering from a world destroying drought was released. It was based on the 1963 book of the same title. It marked the first starring role of rock sensation David Bowie. While it didn’t make much noise at the time it has come to be a cult classic.

Now almost 40 years later Bowie is co-writing the musical version of this extraterrestrial story, named “Lazarus”, with Tony Award Winner Edna Walsh.

The original featured none of Bowie’s music due to contracts and red tape but the new musical is set to showcase some new tunes and updated versions of classics.

While he is co-writing the musical Bowie does not intend to star in it.

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