This Is Not The Teddy Bear You've Been Looking For

If you’re thinking these bears are just another nightmare take on a Teddy Bear story you couldn’t be more wrong, because despite their deceptive appearance these are Not Teddy Bears.

“When we dream, our souls travel to another world. A magical world that’s connected to many other worlds. Mostly beautiful and peaceful, but there also lies dangerous ones. Malicious beings and souls of the wicked reside there, sometimes following dreamers who stray out too far in hopes of severing the connection to their body and taking possession of it!

Fortunately, there are other beings that guard us. They destroy any evil that crosses their path. Some people were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these guardians, describing them as having the appearance of a small animal, almost bearlike. Inspired by these encounters, people created the teddy bear. Made to resemble these protectors and to remind us that we are safe.”

Creator Robert Ly has an entirely different take on the Teddy Bear origin story and we got to talk to him about his upcoming webcomic Not Teddy Bears at Long Beach Comic Con.

     “My nickname growing up was Bear, so I drew a lot of little bears as a kid.  But I didn’t originally think to do anything with them.  Now as an adult I want to give them more of an adult twist.  This is definitely not a story for little kids. 

     The main character is from the dream world.  Some people believe that when we dream our soul goes to another place, a different reality.  And in that other reality is where these guys exist. And they are protectors of the dreamworld.

So when people wake up they create these bears?

Yes, mostly when people dream it’s projections of your imagination, but sometimes you’ll run into something that’s real and that’s where people will run into these characters, these bears.  That’s where they got the image of a teddy bear from, but they’re not teddy bears.  People in our world created the teddy bears to resemble them.


What are their names?

The main character doesn’t have a name by design because of his past, but the nick name he has is Bare Claws.  So I have a story behind his name and why he doesn’t have one.  We’re still very new to this so I’m still naming them.

Where will we find the webcomic released when it’s done?

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Not Teddy Bears was created by Robert Ly with art by Ren Wong.  You’ll see them next at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Oct 28th-30th.

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