New Spiderman Film Title Confirmed as "Homecoming"

The news is simply pouring out of CinemaCon!  Special panels, events, interviews and announcements seem to be coming on an almost hourly basis.

Tom Holland, whose Spiderman is the youngest yet, announced the name of the new Spiderman movie at CinemaCon on Tuesday night.

Sony Picture Entertainment’s Motion Pictures Group Chairman, Tom Rothman, elaborated on the title:

“Homecoming obviously is a high school reference.  This movie shows the enduring conflicts at Peter Parker’s roots, saving the world and getting your algebra homework done on time.”

Kevin Feige had even more to say about the young age of the newest Peter Parker when he was interviewed by /Film at CinemaCon:

We wanted to show a much younger Spidey, in contrast to our other heroes, a Spidey who — as was he was in the early ’60s, when he was first created in the Marvel bullpen — was totally different from the Marvel heroes.  The other heroes don’t have to worry about homework.  They don’t have to worry about being home at a certain time.  That’s what makes Spider-Man Spider-Man.  We also wanted to let audiences know he’s already Spider-Man; he’s been Spider-Man for a little while when we meet him.  There wasn’t the expectation we’d tell an origin.  I think everybody in the world already knows.

It’s good to know we’re not getting yet another “origin” story on the famous web-slinger because, honestly, if you don’t know his back story by now you need to go and Google it.


When Holland pointed out that Peter Parker was trying to “find his true identity and where he belongs in the world,” Rothman butted in with a joke.

“I hope he finds it,” said Rothman, laughing. “And I hope it takes about three movies.”

Spiderman: Homecoming is due in theaters July 7th of 2017


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