New Original IP "Unravel" Debuts at EA's E3 Press Conference

Almost out of place in the big explosive games being introduced at the EA Press Conference, “Unravel” was a quiet, thoughtful and even adorable all original IP. “A tiny character with a huge heart.”

Creative Director of Coldwood (a small 14 team gaming company from northern Sweden), Martin Sahlin took to the stage to talk about this very personal game that he imagined the idea of 2 summers ago while out camping.  “Games are powerful things. They have the ability to grab you and to move you in a way that few artforms can.   And that gives us as game makers a certain responsibility, I think.”  He said.  “We should try to do something more than just entertain.  “Unravel” was created in that spirit.”

“It’s a puzzle platform where you play as a little character made of yarn that unravels as you move.  The yarn represents love and the bonds that we make.  And it unravels because that is what happens when we are separated from what we love.  In this game you are the red thread that runs through someone’s life trying to tie all of their missing pieces back together.”


For more information visit their Official Site

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