Gamestop Expo 2016 [Gallery]

Gamestop Expo was, as its title suggests, originally a convention held for owners of Gamestop stores around the country.  It was meant to introduce them to the latest games, accessories, product tie ins and to each other, so that they could be up to date with the fast changing world of gaming and be better able to interact with their customers.  Only in the last few years have they opened one of the days to the general public.

This year’s event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center September 13th and 14th (the 14th being open to the public, the 13th being exclusively for Gamestop employees and gaming companies) and even though it was small by Comic convention standards it definitely fulfilled its purpose of being packed with the newest and the coolest in the world of gaming.  (And Pokemon.  Because who doesn’t like Pokemon??)

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