Dr Who meets Star Wars as Tom Baker Announces He's "in this new Star Wars thing"

At The Day of the Doctors convention last week in Slough, England Tom Baker chatted with fans as he signed autographs, and it seems the 4th Doctor had something to say about “this new Star Wars thing” according to Sci Fi Fantasy Network.

“I’m going to be in this new Star Wars thing, you know?” he told eager fans as he signed his autograph. “I’m going down to record some voices for this new character they’ve created for me, very soon.”

There has been no official announcement as yet whether the voice he is going to be recording will be used for one of the live action movies, a video game or one of the many animated shows.

Tom Baker played the 4th incarnation of the Doctor on Dr. Who from 1974-1981.  The Doctor as played by Tom Baker is often regarded as the most popular of the Doctors. In polls conducted by Doctor Who Magazine, Baker has lost the “Best Doctor” category only three times: once to Sylvester McCoy in 1990, and twice to David Tennant in 2006 and 2009

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