Cos-losseum Announces Updates and a Change of Venue

As we leave the 2016 convention season and enter into 2017 there are already the rumbles of change.  First the cancellation of Amazing AZ and Houston Comic Cons, and now the latest announcement from Cos-losseum where they area cancelling their San Diego event but announcing an Atlanta event.

From their official Facebook Page:

Hello all of you out there in Cosplay Land.

We wanted to inform you that we have some good news and bad news. This was a VERY hard decision, and not one that was done rash or without deep consideration. Due to the fact that after looking at all the costs and timing and how quickly we would have to try and pull things together for you at the last minute, we unfortunately have decided to cancel Cos-Losseum for March this year. It hurts us greatly, because we were really trying to make it happen for you. HOWEVER, with that being said, we have decided to do a sister convention in Atlanta GA which we are dubbing ‘Cos-Losseum Atlanta!’ We will plan on doing this in July as to give us time to prepare and secure everything. It will still be headed up by The Cosplay Initiative and led by Myself (Kasia Celeste) and Java Green, as Java is the designated point-of-contact in the Atlanta area and will be securing our venue, etc.

This is a move we hope will be beneficial to the Cos-Losseum theme and perhaps allow for us to franchise. If this is a success, the way it will work is much like how Power Morphicon does their event where its every other year, except the difference being, for us, we will be swapping back in forth. Example: 2017 Atlanta, 2018 San Diego, 2019 Atlanta, 2020 San Diego, etc. Which means that the San Diego Cos-Losseum would become ‘Cos-Losseum Prime’. All this in an effort to eventually do both in the same year with San Diego in March and Atlanta in July.

By us doing this, it gives us much more time to plan and make each event even more wonderful than the last. Giving us a whole 2 years to build money and plan moving into the next event. That way we can book out the entire floor at the US Grant or even a bigger venue. We are doing this to provide a quality family friendly convention we can be proud of and we want you to really enjoy yourselves.

We hope that most of you still join us and stick with us as we try and grow our Cos-losseum name across the country. And if you can make it out to Atlanta for this, we DEFINITELY encourage you to and hope that you spread the word. WE ARENT DONE! Cos we WILL return to San Diego in 2018 and be back better than ever.

If you have any questions or would still like to be a part of this, please don’t hesitate to message us. And again we are sorry for the back and forth. but we’re dropping a lot of money on this and wanna do it right.

Thank you always
Cos-Losseum Staff

News Reporter

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