Anime Los Angeles, Come Party With The Thousands of Friends You're About To Meet

A visit to Animé Los Angeles at the Ontario Convention Center will set you at an event where the person out of costume is in the minority and the entire place feels like a friendly party!

Anime Los Angeles definitely has one of the highest per capita of people in costumes that I think I have ever seen at a convention.   Before you have even entered there is a crowd and a steady stream of people in cosplay from every anime and game you’ve ever heard of and not heard of.  When you walk in you can imagine that you’ve been transported to some busy location in an alternate universe where everyone wearing something you want to wear.

It’s also one of the friendliest conventions that I’ve been to.  Everyone seems genuinely happy and not at all disturbed to have a stranger walk up and start discussing their cosplay or the show it comes from.  I actually had my first water cooler discussion at this convention!  A set of girls in cosplay came up for water and we all began discussing how we always promised to stay hydrated at the beginning of the event and by the time it’s done we’ve been so distracted and busy with the awesome around us that we have to go running to wherever is closest place that has a beverage because we’re parched! (Towards the effort to keep congoers in good all around health ALA provides free standing water coolers in the halls and on the exhibitor floor.)

I’ve come for only one day for two years running and next year it’d be fun to go all the days!

Photography by Shannon Shea & Lon Muckey

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Anime Los Angeles 2017

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