Anime Impulse Car Shows, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Oh My!

Anime Impulse takes place during the much larger and older event Asian American Expo at the fairgrounds in Pomona, California, but that doesn’t mean that this new anime event should be overlooked.  In fact you should add it to your list of ‘new events to keep an eye on’.

Being held at a fairground instead of a convention center gives them a unique feel and, I’m sure, unique challenges.  Food vendors and the maid cafe sit right alongside artists and cosplay guests and the main stage is right in the middle of the exhibitor hall.  It gives the whole place a casual swapmeet kind of energy that is loud and boisterous and fun in a different way then being at a convention hall.  The Itasha Car show spills over into another building that took us a few minutes to find the right entrance to go out of to go into the other hall.  And occasionally trying to find which building they are in can present a challenge.  Here’s a hint.  Ask the nearest person in costume because they are in the know!

Photos by: Shannon Shea and Lon Muckey

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