Man Caught Going 88MPH in a 1982 DeLorean

As Reported in the Santa Clarita Signal Spencer White did what most of us could only dream of on Friday May 26th.  He hit 88 MPH in a 1982 DeLorean.

Spencer White poses in front of his 1982 DeLorean. Samie Gebers/Signal

Unfortunately he had left his flux capacitor at home.  Going back in time might be useful next time to warn his past self to avoid the ticket he ended up with.

He was out for a cruise with his mother around 9pm when he noticed he was doing 85MPH (the speed limit in CA is 65, occasionally 70 in some places).

“I thought, let’s take it up to 88 mph,” White said. “I only got three more miles to go.”

Three miles was more than enough for the officer that soon pulled up behind him.  The officer was smiling when he approached the window to the car.

“He asked me how fast I thought I was going,” White said.

The CHP officer, still smiling, told him that he was going exactly 88 mph.

“All of us started busting up laughing,” White said.

A CHP officer’s radar gun clocked Spencer White’s DeLorean at 88 mph. Courtesy photo The Signal

The CHP officer did issue White the ticket. But before the law enforcement official left, he asked him if he had a flux capacitor in his car.

“Maybe if I had the flux capacitor he would have let me off,” White joked.

While it is an amusing thought to consider going exactly that fast especially in that car, it would be mindful to remember that the speed he was going is not  legal in any state.  Only one state – Texas – has speed limits in some places up to 85 MPH.

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