LEGO Batman Movie Trailer!

Yes, there is another Batman movie due out.  LEGO Batman! Unfortunately it’s not due out til 2017 – but in the meantime enjoy the Batcave Teaser Trailer! Because LEGO movies are awesome!!  

Deadpool Trailer (2)

Released on Christmas day the trailer even begins with a holiday reference. And you know you’re going to watch it.  Because come on – Deadpool! The ad campaign is very quickly turning me into a fan of this anti-hero. Deadpool is due in theaters on February 12, 2016. (And guys if you take a girl to Deadpool for your Valentine’s Day date and she likes it, you know you have…

The Captain America: Civil War Trailer is Here!

It’s the trailer that’s setting the internet on fire!   Captain America: Civil War is due in theaters May 6, 2016

Star Wars the Force Awakens Final Trailer!

I have nothing to say…  Just watch it.  

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer to Drop October 19th

It’s going to be big for geekdom next week.  Already are all the plans for October 21st and the Back to the Future Celebrations, but that’s on Wednesday.  JJ Abrams has given us a way to chase away the Monday Morning blues – The last of The Force Awakens trailers! Not only that but if all the rumours are to be believed you can pre-order your movie tickets for The…

UK & US Trailers for Victor Frankenstein are Very Creepy

The story of Frankenstein has been told and retold since Mary Shelley first published it in 1818.  Plays, movies, tv series have all taken on the task of telling the story of the monster made of sewn together human parts.  A cautionary tale of what happens when scientists spend more time thinking about “could” than “should”. In this new version James McAvoy plays Victor Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe is Igor. …

Are You Ready For This? New X-Files Teaser Asks

There was only 1 new scene in the 0:17 clip that Fox played during the end of Wayward Pines tonight (and technically only 11 seconds was footage, 6 seconds was the title and Fox logo), the rest was footage we had seen in the previous teaser released. What looks like either the impeller of a jet engine or a car tire in icy water (there is a difference of opinion…

The Explosive Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer is Here

President Snow isn’t quite ready to admit defeat to the Mockingjay.  To prove it he’s turning the entire capitol into a real life Hunger Games challenge for the rebels!   The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is in theaters November 20th, 2015.

The Suicide Squad San Diego Comic-Con Trailer

The trailer is here and it is every bit as crazy as you thought it would be!   After footage of the trailer from the panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend was leaked online WB made the decision to release it themselves.  WB’s marketing chief Sue Kroll said in a statement: “Today we will release the same footage that has been illegally circulating on the Web, in the form…