Anthony Daniels the Man in the Golden Suit

If you’ve been watching Mark Hamill’s tribute to Carrie Fisher and feeling the pain of losing our princess a new, then you need to watch Anthony Daniel’s 40 years with Threepio panel to make you smile and feel a bit of confetti filled joy. Ever the showman, and always a favorite with the fans because of how dearly he seems to take them to heart, he enjoyed hamming things up…

Mark Hamill's Tribute to Carrie Fisher

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” I don’t think Mark Hamill could have spoken anything more true and deeply emotional to the audience in attendance both physically and virtually at the Carrie Fisher Tribute at Star Wars Celebration. It was an hour of seeing her through the eyes of someone who loved her like a sister.  Someone who knew her and grew up with…

Star Wars Celebration – A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

A beautiful and touching tribute to the Our Princess the late Carrie Fisher was presented by George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy during the 40 Years of Star Wars Panel at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando FL. It is being reported on Instagram that everyone at the event also received a Poster of Ms. Fisher as Princess Leia after the Opening Ceremonies. Watch the Celebration with live stream on Keep…

JJ Abrams releases new Star Wars Trailer at Star Wars Celebration


JJ Abrams & Kathleen Kennedy Buy Pizza For Those in Line for Star Wars Celebration

Twitter was alight last night as people posted that Director JJ Abrams and LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy bought pizza for those waiting in line overnight for the opening panel of Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA. For those following the Celebration on Twitter the hashtags are  #SWCA, #SWCVII, #SWCelebration