Transformers Takes a Dark Turn in the Latest Trailer

What is going on with Optimus Prime??  

The Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters Smackdown is Back in Pacific Rim 2!

Pacific Rim was like watching your childhood fantasies come to life in giant fantastic ridiculous perfection.  When there were so many more advanced ways of destroying each other, giant cross dimensional monsters and giant man made robots spent the entire moving beating each other up with whatever weapon happened to be closest at hand.  Barring that they just used their fists.  It was never a sophisticated movie it was just…

Are You Ready To Get "Lost in Space" With Netflix?

The Robinson Family is getting lost again in a new reimagined take on “Lost in Space”.  The classic sci-fi show (inspired by The Swiss Family Robinson story) was about a family whose space ship is thrown off course by an unwelcome stowaway and has to learn to live with both him and countless strange environments and people light years from Earth. The original story (1965-1968) is a bit dated as…

Instant Nostalgia! No Water Needed.

Curio and Company By Durrilion Nostalgia,is defined as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.  Whether we admit it or not, everyone of us has something in our lives that calls forth that warm fuzzy feeling from the past.  For me, lately, it’s been photos from the early to mid 20th century. The Curio and Co. team, using…

Pacific Rim II To Begin Filming in November

The Kaiju are back and they are back for their revenge against the towering Robots that punched them down in the first Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro spoke with Yahoo Movies about the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster Giant Monster vs Giant Robot movie. The new movie will take place a few years after the first one ended and will reportedly focus more on the  kaiju and their origins. “We…

Interview with Nathan Blackwell of Voyage Trekkers

[youtube] To learn more about Voyage Trekkers visit their Official Sites

David Hasselhoff performs the lead track to Kung Fury and it's AWESOME!

Dinosaurs, Barbarian chicks with guns, flame throwers, robots, a Lamborghini, fog machines and David Hasselhoff. Seriously, just watch it. [youtube]