An LGBT Geek At Phoenix Comicon

So in my previous post, as we remember, I was going to my first Geek LGBT panels at Phoenix Comicon 2015 armed with pen and paper, (yes I really am that ‘old’).  I was going to take notes like it was finals week and I hadn’t studied all semester.  This article about the LGBT Geek community was going to rock! First up was Dr. Who for LGBT Whovians! Sadly the…

An Interview with Author David Lee Summers at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] You can find out more about David at his Official Site:

Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver at Phoenix Comicon 2015

You can find Ethan on Twitter: Tweets by EthanVanSciver

Interview with Knowone's Designs at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] To learn more about Knowone’s Designs visit their official sites:

Interview with Nathan Blackwell of Voyage Trekkers

[youtube] To learn more about Voyage Trekkers visit their Official Sites

Phoenix Comic Con is for kids too.

Phoenix Comic Con was a whirlwind.  Between Panels, shopping, the Hall of Heroes, and the kid events it went way too fast.  What?  There were kid events at PHXCC?  You bet.  I have to give the staff and volunteers of PHXCC a big round of applause for realizing more space and events needed to be held for the kids, and also that rooms needed to be set up for kids…

Spencer Brinkerhoff Phoenix Comicon 2015 Interview Part 2

[youtube]   To find out more about Spencer visit him at his Official Sites: Tweets by spencerB3

Thursday at Phoenix Comic Con 2015