On Recent Events, An Open Letter to Cosplayers From a Cosplayer

To my creative friends: Conventions have always been the ultimate “safe space” for nerds, geeks and superfans. Even in recent years as fandom has become more mainstream, the con scene has remained a haven for those looking to celebrate their passions. In some cases, the family/community environment has led to security more reliant on an honor system than true vigilance, with voluntary peace bonding and self-checking. It was no big…

Matt Solberg Talks Changes, Staff and the Future of Phoenix Comicon

It’s been a rough month for Phoenix Comicon, and no-one knows that better then the man at the top. Matt Solberg is the Convention Chair of the 5th largest pop culture convention in the US and he’s aware more than most on the changing landscape that is the national convention scene. But the road to change is a slippery one and in a world where fans take both pride and…

Professional Passes to No Longer Be Offered at Phoenix Comicon

There are sure to be more changes announced in the coming weeks as Phoenix Comicon restructures to combat protests over their volunteer staffing practices. This has set off a domino effect inside the organization and we have found out that as part of the coming changes Phoenix Comicon will no longer be offering passes to professionals. This email was recently received by our contributor, Douglas Monce, who had inquired into…

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 3

Becoming Lord Elrond by Durrilion With all the construction finally completed, I went to a friend for help with hair and makeup.  As she labored on my hair, and the wig, as well as the makeup, I ceased to be Durrilion the Freelance Writer and became Durrilion the Cosplayer. As she pulled, twisted, and pinned my own hair, I tried not to wince.  Every now and again it was painful….

An Interview With Reynolds Advanced Materials

For the professional or hobbyist in costuming and mask making you might want to look up Reynolds Advanced Materials      

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 2

  The Struggle to become Lord Elrond By Durrilion It took a lot of time to gather all the components of what would eventually be my version of Lord Elrond.  I needed the pattern, fabric, thread, paint, and lots of patience! With my awesome pattern in hand I went to work on the first layer.  My fabric choice for this one was a medium weight upholstery cotton brocade in a…

Phoenix Comicon Interview With Shapify My Life

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own action figure you’ll want to pay close attention!    

Phoenix Comicon Author Spotlight: Tonya Adolfson

Tonya Adolfson: Author Spotlight by Durrilion One of the biggest draws for a convention are the guests.  Actors, artists, writers, and cosplayers bring their fan base where ever they go.  I had the great fortune to not only attend several panels conducted by the incredibly talented Tonya, (also known as Tanglwyst de Holloway) but also to speak with her about her book series ‘Souls of the Saintlands’. She describes it…

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Highlights

PHXCC 2016!!! by Durrilion In the last two years I have attended Cons large and small.  PHXCC2016 has to be the craziest (in a completely good way)! The panel schedule was packed with so much awesome I desperately needed three clones of myself to do to all the things.  By the way that doesn’t even include all the celebrity spotlights! I did my best, but wow! The variety of exhibitors…

An Interview With the Cast And Crew of Suspension Movie at Phoenix Comicon 2015

For more information about “Suspension” visit them at their Official Sites: https://www.facebook.com/SuspensionMovie https://twitter.com/MovieSuspension