Professional Passes to No Longer Be Offered at Phoenix Comicon

There are sure to be more changes announced in the coming weeks as Phoenix Comicon restructures to combat protests over their volunteer staffing practices. This has set off a domino effect inside the organization and we have found out that as part of the coming changes Phoenix Comicon will no longer be offering passes to professionals. This email was recently received by our contributor, Douglas Monce, who had inquired into…

Cosplay Spotlight – Phoenix Comicon 2016 – What to wear? What to wear?

Cosplayers at Phoenix Comicon 2016 by Durrrilion They take a step, they stop for a pic.  They take another and stop again.  From the first day to the last of any convention, cosplayers of varying skill levels do The Step and Pose Shuffle. Despite my busy schedule I managed a few shots and a couple of interviews. Starting off is ‘Cersei’ from Game of Thrones.  Casey Renee Cosplay from Chicago…

Cosplay Spotlight – The Women of Middle Earth

  Ladies of the Rings by Durrilion I love an unusual or unexpected twist to just about anything.  When my editor told me about a chance to speak with a team of female cosplayers doing the entire Fellowship of the Ring, I jumped at the chance.  Sadly due to technical issues, we missed our scheduled interview time.  Fortunately, I ran into three of the Ladies by chance at Sean Astin’s…

Walk the Dead – The Adventures of Zombie Dog

  Zombie Dog by Durrilion While roaming the halls of Phoenix Comicon 2016, I came across a peculiar poster.  Closer examination told me I HAD to know more.  Zombie Dog, published by The Plush Cartel, is a child friendly comic book about JJ, a former bomb sniffing dog and his vegan zombie family.  According to their promo card, “the zombie apocalypse has ended.  The humans and zombies have formed a…

Phoenix Comicon Interview With Shapify My Life

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own action figure you’ll want to pay close attention!    

An Interview With the Cast And Crew of Suspension Movie at Phoenix Comicon 2015

For more information about “Suspension” visit them at their Official Sites:

An LGBT Geek At Phoenix Comicon

So in my previous post, as we remember, I was going to my first Geek LGBT panels at Phoenix Comicon 2015 armed with pen and paper, (yes I really am that ‘old’).  I was going to take notes like it was finals week and I hadn’t studied all semester.  This article about the LGBT Geek community was going to rock! First up was Dr. Who for LGBT Whovians! Sadly the…

An Interview with Author David Lee Summers at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] You can find out more about David at his Official Site:

Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver at Phoenix Comicon 2015

You can find Ethan on Twitter: Tweets by EthanVanSciver

Interview with Knowone's Designs at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] To learn more about Knowone’s Designs visit their official sites: