Vintage Pinup Style: In My Beauty Kit – Rouge

Rouge, or blush if you prefer, it’s not just about what you use it’s about how you apply it!

Vintage Pinup Style: In My Beauty Kit – Eye Makeup

Miss Amanda Lee talks about Eye Makeup and the vintage look in her newest In My Beauty Kit series:

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Nail Polish

In this episode of In My Beauty Kit, Pin Up Model Miss Amanda Lee discusses Nail Polish!

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Lipstick

In this episode of In My Beauty Kit, Miss Amanda Lee answers the community’s questions about what kind of lipstick she wears.      

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit Episode 1

Pinup Model Miss Amanda Lee reveals the secrets of her perfect image in her series In My Beauty Kit!    

MAC Unleashes the Good Luck Trolls Makeup Line For the Upcoming Movie

Trolls looks to be the brightest and most neon colored movie of the year.  Due in theaters this holiday season it stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as two Trolls who detest each other out to save their entire tribe who have been kidnapped by a Bergen. It’s also likely to have the most danceable soundtrack of the year being it’s executive music director was none other than Justin Timberlake….

To Celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary MAC Releases Star Trek Inspired Makeup

If you’ve ever dreamed of looking like Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine or even the Orion Girl, Vina, then this is your chance!  This summer, MAC will introduce a collection of makeup inspired by Star Trek.  The 25-piece special deco collection will encompass lip, eye and face products. “Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries,” MAC creative director James Gager said…

Cos-Losseum A Mini Con With Big Dreams and a Big Heart

Cos-Losseum is a new convention taking place in San Diego, CA this weekend (Jan 23-24).  With a limited amount of tickets on sale it’s likely to sell out with the popularity of Cosplay and Comic Conventions. We had a chance to ask one of it’s founders, Don Posey, a few questions about this new “mini-con”. Cos-Losseum is made up of 2 words Cosplay and Colosseum.  “I wanted a title that…

Toei pairs with YouTube to create new Jidaigeki "Samurai Tales"

Jidaigeki better known as “Samurai Cinema” though the literal translation is “Period Drama” were at their height during the 1950s.  Most take place during the Edo Period 1603-1868.  They depict the lives of warriors, craftsman, farmers and their wives during this time. Now Toei has partnered with YouTube to try and revive the Jidaigeki.  Till May 20th filmmakers will be able to take courses at YouTube Space Tokyo on period…