Beauty and the Beast Live Action Trailer is Beautiful and Magical

With both the childhood memories of the animated version and the recent release of the opulent 2014 French La Belle et La Bete in America Disney had a lot of expectations to meet.  It doesn’t look like they will disappoint either!

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Trailer

Disney continues its march of Live Action incarnations of its animated blockbusters with a retelling of Beauty and the Beast to be released on March 17, 2017.  

First Ghost in the Shell photo with Scarlett Johansson

Ghost in the Shell is a dark exploration of humanity and its future with cyber technology, with the bad almost always walking hand in hand with the good. In this mid 21st century story (in other words less than 25 years from where we are now) humans have figured out how to incorporate cybernetics into their bodies up to a full cyborg replacement.  Unfortunately this integration has also opened up…

Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Trailer for US Release

Funimation has released The official Attack on Titan US Trailer.  For the hardcore fans the Japanese trailers have been out for months, so there’s nothing new to see here.  Based on the worldwide best selling manga and anime the live action Attack on Titan Part 1 was released in Japan on August 1 with Part 2 coming on September 19th.  They also had their World Premiere in Hollywood on July…

New Live Action Attack on Titan Trailer Released

They may as well call it the Summer of the Titans with the “Attack on Titan” anime movie being released in June followed by two Live-Action movies in August and September. The newest 30 second clip is action packed and doesn’t give you much time to breathe let alone take in everything they are showing unless you watch it multiple times (which we did). The first live-action Attack on Titan…

New Live Action Attack on Titan Trailer

After 100 years of safety behind the wall, the human race again faces the terror of the Titans. [youtube] Part I, titled Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan will be released on 8/1 Part II, titled Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan End of the World will be released on 9/19 Official Website –