Cosplayer Spotlight: Chiyo!

An Interview with Chiyo_Cosplays by Durrilion Last year at Game on Expo I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Chiyo_Cosplays.  To my surprise it was her birthday, and she seemed both excited and surprised that someone wanted to do an interview with her. Durrilion:  When did you first start, seriously, ‘I’m going to put on a costume and go to a convention’? Chiyo:  I used to live in…

Think Geek new Her Universe Line at Comic-Con International

Have you seen the new Star Wars Her Universe line at Think Geek?  We got to see a preview of it at San Diego Comic-Con this year!

Matt Solberg Talks Changes, Staff and the Future of Phoenix Comicon

It’s been a rough month for Phoenix Comicon, and no-one knows that better then the man at the top. Matt Solberg is the Convention Chair of the 5th largest pop culture convention in the US and he’s aware more than most on the changing landscape that is the national convention scene. But the road to change is a slippery one and in a world where fans take both pride and…

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Interview With Fez O Rama

Look no further if you’re looking for a Fez!

Justin Hackert of Hackert Helmets & Props at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Find more at the official Facebook Page:      

Instant Nostalgia! No Water Needed.

Curio and Company By Durrilion Nostalgia,is defined as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.  Whether we admit it or not, everyone of us has something in our lives that calls forth that warm fuzzy feeling from the past.  For me, lately, it’s been photos from the early to mid 20th century. The Curio and Co. team, using…

Roxy Almblade on her new online manga "NeverFall"

Roxy Almblade (Glass River) has a new online manga.  NeverFall debuted recently on Taptastic and we’ve caught up with the artist and writer for a quick interview! Tell us a little about yourself, past projects and artistic style? I usually tell people three things, I’m a Christian, an artist, and a dreamer.  Haha.  I’ve worked on multiple webcomics before. One of them, The Glass River, got published by P2 Manga…

An Interview With the Cast And Crew of Suspension Movie at Phoenix Comicon 2015

For more information about “Suspension” visit them at their Official Sites: