Vintage Pinup Style: In My Beauty Kit – Eye Makeup

Miss Amanda Lee talks about Eye Makeup and the vintage look in her newest In My Beauty Kit series:

Think Geek new Her Universe Line at Comic-Con International

Have you seen the new Star Wars Her Universe line at Think Geek?  We got to see a preview of it at San Diego Comic-Con this year!

Vintage Pin up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Stockings

Miss Amanda Lee returns with another tutorial and review on vintage style!  This time it’s all about the all important underthings – stockings!

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Lipstick

In this episode of In My Beauty Kit, Miss Amanda Lee answers the community’s questions about what kind of lipstick she wears.      

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit Episode 1

Pinup Model Miss Amanda Lee reveals the secrets of her perfect image in her series In My Beauty Kit!    

Pacific Media Expo 2016 [A Gallery]

[AFG_gallery id=’16’] Photos by Shannon Shea and Travel Lon

A Q & A with Mari Nakamura of Lolita fashion house Juliette et Justine

When Mari Nakamura, the head designer at classic lolita fashion house Juliette et Justine, sat down for her panel at PMX in Pasadena, CA in November, it was more like sitting down with a circle of friends, rather than a prestigious business woman meeting her fans.  She made you feel like she cared about each and every person in the room.  Although she seemed to understand some English and many…

The Latest in Geek Chic at Amazing Arizona Comicon

Geek Chic By Durrilion Gone are the days of looking like a nerd being a nightmare.  Since the 90’s (at the very least) geek culture has hit the main stream like a deuterium rich gravimetric field displacement manifold.  (Okay so I had to look that up).  With iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Darth Vader, Yoda, etc, stepping out of the Dork Forest, it was inevitable that we geeks would create our own…

Clockwork Couture Announces New Venture

Many of us were stunned by the announcement that Clockwork Couture would be closing.  Perhaps most surprised of us all was owner Donna Ricci.  ” A  business that was very healthy was now in a lot of trouble.”  She told me in a recent interview.   Sales have apparently been following the falling trend of the popularity of Steampunk.  “Sales have just been waning.  That put us in a very bad…