Bruce Campbell's Dr Who April Fool's Facebook Post

You know you wish this was real as much as I do! Because honestly, Bruce Campbell as the Doctor would be kind of awesome! I had to wait until today, but I'm super excited to announce this! Posted by Bruce Campbell on Friday, April 1, 2016

Gareth David-Lloyd Phoenix Fan Fest 2015 Q & A Panel

Gareth David-Lloyd at Phoenix Fan Fest 2015 by Durrilion Fans of Torchwood will not doubt recognize Gareth as Ianto Jones, the ill-fated love interest of Captain Jack Harkness.  In addition to Torchwood, Gareth was part of Blue Gillespie a progressive metal band in Wales, and has performed in Welsh theater.  He has also been in Red Faction: Origins ( a sci-fi television movie in the U.K.) and Warehouse 13 to…