The History of Cosplay

In our very first podcast we tackle and try to untangle the history of cosplay and the history of the word cosplay. Who was the first person to dress up in a sci-fi costume? Who first invented the word cosplay? When did people first start cosplaying in Japan? We answer all these questions and more. Both in video version on You Tube and available for download on SoundCloud (and soon:…

It's Kiba Master Chief!!!

Kiba’s Master Chief Cosplay by Durrilion The completely adorable, and hardworking Kiba the Cosplay Corgi was out in his brand new cosplay at Game On Expo.  His mom (Nicole) made him a Master Chief’s armor set in 24 hours, from start to finish (not counting breaks).  Nicole began working on the outfit the Thursday before the convention.  By Saturday afternoon she was done! She did the blackwashing at the table,…

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 3

Becoming Lord Elrond by Durrilion With all the construction finally completed, I went to a friend for help with hair and makeup.  As she labored on my hair, and the wig, as well as the makeup, I ceased to be Durrilion the Freelance Writer and became Durrilion the Cosplayer. As she pulled, twisted, and pinned my own hair, I tried not to wince.  Every now and again it was painful….

Cosplay Competition at Amazing Arizona Comicon 2016

And the prize goes to… By Durrilion I love costuming – whether it be historical, sci-fi, or fantasy.  The amount of hard work, sweat, tears, and maybe even some blood, that goes into putting something together is impressive.  I know from personal experience.  It takes courage to wear one’s costume (or more specifically for this blog – cosplay) in public, let alone on stage in front everyone for a competition….

Cos-Losseum 2016 A Gallery

Cos-Losseum looks like it is going to be growing quickly if the crowd turning out Saturday was any sign! Photography by: Shannon Shea & Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’7′]