Phoenix Comicon 2016 Highlights

PHXCC 2016!!! by Durrilion In the last two years I have attended Cons large and small.  PHXCC2016 has to be the craziest (in a completely good way)! The panel schedule was packed with so much awesome I desperately needed three clones of myself to do to all the things.  By the way that doesn’t even include all the celebrity spotlights! I did my best, but wow! The variety of exhibitors…

Justin Hackert of Hackert Helmets & Props at Phoenix Comicon 2016

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WonderCon 2016 Cosplay Gallery 1

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The Latest in Geek Chic at Amazing Arizona Comicon

Geek Chic By Durrilion Gone are the days of looking like a nerd being a nightmare.  Since the 90’s (at the very least) geek culture has hit the main stream like a deuterium rich gravimetric field displacement manifold.  (Okay so I had to look that up).  With iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Darth Vader, Yoda, etc, stepping out of the Dork Forest, it was inevitable that we geeks would create our own…

Cosplay Competition at Amazing Arizona Comicon 2016

And the prize goes to… By Durrilion I love costuming – whether it be historical, sci-fi, or fantasy.  The amount of hard work, sweat, tears, and maybe even some blood, that goes into putting something together is impressive.  I know from personal experience.  It takes courage to wear one’s costume (or more specifically for this blog – cosplay) in public, let alone on stage in front everyone for a competition….

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 [Gallery]

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Cosplay, Charity, and Community Service!

Cosplay Groups at Amazing Arizona Comicon by Durrilion Phoenix Ghostbusters Many people in the Arizona con scene, if not elsewhere around the country have surely heard of the Arizona Ghostbusters.  This group is a costuming fan club that uses their costumes to shine a spotlight on many well deserving charities.  Looking on their website one can find a list of all the causes they help. I had the fortune…

Amazing AZ Comic Con Cosplay Interview with Mr. Mugatu

Bustle Girl catches up with one of the biggest celebrities in the fashion world at Amazing AZ Comic Con 2016   For more coverage on Amazing AZ Comic Con: Amazing AZ Comic Con:

Anime Los Angeles 2016: A Gallery

Photography by Shannon Shea and Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’8′]