Phoenix Comicon 2016 Interview With Fez O Rama

Look no further if you’re looking for a Fez!

Geek Glass from Window to the Soul

Window to the Soul By Durrilion What does one get the discerning geek who has everything? Are you looking for a unique piece, that stands out for it’s unexpected flair, and yet blends perfectly with its surroundings? Does such a thing exist? It does, and I found it at Amazing Arizona Comicon! Sporting the latest in Imperial Consulate fashion (with an eye catching Scottish and Danish twist) Michelle and Clara…

Comic Books meet Duct Tape!

Micah Garcia, aka The Stuck Duck. by Durrilion (all photos courtesy of Micah’s instagram) Comic book art with duct tape.  No, seriously! I did a double take when I heard the youngest son of Micah say those words as I passed their booth.  It’s a long story, but I love duct tape for it’s comedic value.  Combine that with a format I have never seen before, and I just had…

Amazing AZ Comic Con Interview with Travis Hanson

Bustle Girl Interviews artist and NO Mercy Card Game creator Travis Hanson!   The NO Mercy Card Game Kickstarter is still going til Mid March 2016: Travis Hanson FB: For more coverage on Amazing AZ Comic Con: Amazing AZ Comic Con:

Roxy Almblade on her new online manga "NeverFall"

Roxy Almblade (Glass River) has a new online manga.  NeverFall debuted recently on Taptastic and we’ve caught up with the artist and writer for a quick interview! Tell us a little about yourself, past projects and artistic style? I usually tell people three things, I’m a Christian, an artist, and a dreamer.  Haha.  I’ve worked on multiple webcomics before. One of them, The Glass River, got published by P2 Manga…

Spencer Brinkerhoff Phoenix Comicon 2015 Interview Part 2

[youtube]   To find out more about Spencer visit him at his Official Sites: Tweets by spencerB3

Interview – Spencer Brinkerhoff at Phoenix Comicon 2015 Part 1

The first half of our interview with the talented Spencer Brinkerhoff at Phoenix Comicon 2015!  Look for the second half soon! You can find more information about Spencer and his art at his official pages: