New Attack on Titan Animated Movie Will be an Interactive Experience

While everyone is waiting for the live action Attack on Titan Movies set to come out in August and September, anime fans will be able to take part in an interactive experience during the release of the 2nd animated movie. The movie is simply a condensed version of the 2nd half of the animated series and is titled “Wings of Freedom” but audience members may get more than they bargained…

Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Moon Rod Available Soon

Sailor Moon Collectibles is reporting that the newest addition to Bandai’s line of Sailor Moon Prop Replicas aimed at adult collectors is going to be on sale in November. The Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Moon Wand will join 3 other prop replicas already available: the Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod and Crystal Star Compact. It’s a gorgeous and detailed piece of work that would be the crown jewel of any…

Live Action Akira Fan-Made Trailer is Awesome!

When I was growing up there were two types of Anime Fans.  The kind that understood Akira (or claimed they understood it) and those that didn’t. It was almost like a test when you were asked “Do you understand Akira?”  You only got one chance at it.  You didn’t come to understand Akira later – you just understood it, or you didn’t. If you said yes you were met with…

Professor of Bone Structure Gives Us a Look Inside Pikachu

I don’t know if many of us have wondered what the bone structure of a Pikachu looks like, but Professor Takashi Oda of Seian University of Art and Design, who has an impressive background in bone studies and has published several books of dinosaur skeleton illustrations, received a request from his students and produced these sketches.  And they are pretty cool!  

New Live Action Attack on Titan Trailer

After 100 years of safety behind the wall, the human race again faces the terror of the Titans. [youtube] Part I, titled Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan will be released on 8/1 Part II, titled Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan End of the World will be released on 9/19 Official Website –

WonderCon 2015

A visit to WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA